Choosing a curriculum that fosters innovation

Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

Facilitating parental involvement in education

Budget Transparency

Budget Transparency

Budget transparency, spending accountability

A little bit about me

I am a loving mother of four, a military wife, with a professional background in education—classroom instruction and digital publishing.

My General Overview

I find myself devastated after we moved to Palm Beach County, specifically for the ‘A rated’ schools, and immediately realized they are failing our children, teachers, and families with district policies and chosen curriculum that compromise the potential of our entire community.  Our children have been both tortured and neglected by the very system in place to educate, inspire, and protect them while away from home.

We have divisive rhetoric being introduced to our youngest students.  Conversations about gender, race, and even sexual orientation (Human Growth and Development) are confusing our elementary school children and causing an unprecedented spike in depression and mental illness.  We have school board members mandating facial coverings for children to the direct contradiction of many health experts.  Given the wide range of information on the subject, it is imperative we protect the parent/ guardian’s right to choose what is best for their own child(ren).  Both masks and Human Growth and Development need to be unequivocally OPT-IN only.

Most notably, our children are on screens or computers for nearly every subject.  They login for tests, for diagnostics, for gaming, for field trips, and for core subjects!  Life is not full of controlled clickable choices, meanwhile years of research consistently demonstrates the harm of screentime on kids.  Our children need space to create, to struggle, and to collaborate in order to grow as individuals, and as a group.  They DO NOT need to click.

Our natural playground & science lab (the outdoors!) is rarely utilized; many school lunches are expired, while full of chemicals and sugar (please check your child’s school lunch!); recess inside the classroom allows for little to no exercise. During the school day, the lack of vitamin D, lack of healthy food options, lack of physical activity, and increased screentime all compound health and learning challenges. Everything we have known to be true about the education and health of children is going unchecked here in PBCSD.


There is nothing I care more about than our children and their education. The last 20 years of my life speaks to this, from my professional experience to my own family. I put myself through college with a baby on my hip, because I am passionate about parenting and education.  As the wife of a Navy SEAL, I’ve endured 3 deployments because I am committed to service.  As a cancer survivor, I am relentless about health because without our health, we have nothing.

I will stand day and night for my children, and for yours.  Do not let them separate us by 6ft., skin color, masks, gender, computers, or car lines. With your vote on August 23rd, I pledge to include you, learn from you, debate with you, and ultimately listen to you, so we can all be proud of the future we pass on to our children, and to our country.

My Mission and Vision


Choosing curriculum that fosters innovation means that we will give students more choices in their learning, more opportunities for teamwork, and more hands-on problem-solving.

Parental Involvement

Facilitating parental involvement asserts that when parents know what is being taught in school, they can complement studies at home. We need to increase opportunities for parent and community participation in the classroom. We have smart, capable community members ready to partake in the process.

Budget Transparency

Budget transparency and spending accountability refer to offering constituents a view beyond the numbers. Community members deserve to be aware of which companies are providing grant funding, along with which schools will benefit (or not). There needs to be open conversation with companies wanting to “do business” with our children.

Healthy Lifestyles & Classrooms

Connecting healthy lifestyles to healthy classrooms. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, but almost every day in every class, in every lunchroom, there are candies, cupcakes, donuts, pastries and juices pushed onto our kids. Instead of bottled water, the school sells “milk” with a variety of other ingredients noted. Juice is the same.  It’s all junk food. Increased sugar has been linked to almost every childhood disease.

Collaborating for Growth

We need to collaborate with one another across school boards, administration, teachers, parents, communities, and students. Creating opportunities for each of us to hear and be heard is essential to growth.


Ensure SAFE SCHOOLS by partnering with local law enforcement. When a child knows she/he is safe at school, her/his stress level is lower, and the student can focus on learning and playing. The same is true for teachers, administrators and staff. Daily equipment checks are imperative.

Support our diverse community

Support our diverse PBC community by expanding foreign language programs.  Being able to reach out and understand one another increases community trust, confidence, and collaboration. Increases career options, prosperity as a whole.

Make Community Service a priority

Make Community Service a priority.  Those who serve together stick together.

Your Support makes all the difference

I invite you to join our Tribe of parents, families, and community members willing to stand up, show up and VOTE for a better future.

Thank you for being an active warrior in our community!

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Campaign Kickoff ~ Burt & Max’s

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Once again, I invite you to join our Tribe of like-minded parents, families, and community members willing to stand up, show up and sacrifice for a better future. We will need volunteers to go door-to-door, hang signs, host, and plan events, call people on the phone, manage social media, and/or, most importantly, fundraise!

Please let me know if and how you may be able to help.  When time is scarce, donating any amount goes a very long way. Every dollar donated will reach more parents, more voters, and more of our tribe.  Thank you for being an active warrior in our community!

Palm Beach County School Board District 3

District 3 primarily runs from Lake Worth Rd. Down to Clint Moore Road and Spans from the Everglades & State Rd. 7/441, and East to Military Trail.

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